• CHARGES: Two DUI’S in 4 months.
    FACING: 2 years in Jail. Possible felony.
    FACTS: Blood Alcohol 4x the Legal Limit
  • CHARGES: Attempted Murder
    FACING: 15 years to Life
  • CHARGES: 2 DUI’S and 2 accidents in 2 months.
    FACING: 2 years in county jail.
  • CHARGES: 3rd Offense DUI.
    FACING: 1 Year in Jail, Ignition Interlock. Fines.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail. No fines.
  • CHARGES: Felony assault, criminal threats.
    FACING: 6 years in Prison.
    COURT: Client facing 2 strikes.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail.
  • CHARGES: Felony drugs for Sale.
    FACING: 6 Years in Prison.
    FACTS: Client w/drugs, scales and cash.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No jail.
  • CHARGES: DUI. Refusal allegation.
    FACING: License Suspension for 1 year.
    FACTS: Client had 12 pack then gets refusal.
    RESULT: License SAVED.
    FACING: 3 Years in Prison. 3 year License Susp.
    FACTS: Major accident. High B.A.C.
  • CHARGES: Assault w/deadly weapon.
    FACING: 1 Year Jail. 1 Year Counseling. Fines.
    FACTS: Flashlight on neighbor
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED Prior to Trial.
  • CHARGES: Embezzlment, 11 felony counts.
    FACING: 5 years in prison. Huge Fines.
    FACTS: $35K in theft over 1 year.
    RESULT: 10 days community labor. DISMISSAL in 3 years.
  • CHARGES: Robbery. Felony Assault. Threats.
    FACING: 3 Strikes. Over 20 years in Prison.

Attorney Anthony A. Arzili Bio

Anthony Arzili - Criminal Defense AttorneyLong Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Arzili has earned the reputation among Los Angeles judges and Attorneys as an aggressive and talented advocate for his clients.

Once Attorney Anthony Arzili graduated from UCLA and Southwestern Law, he knew he was determined to be one of the best attorneys in his field. But in order to be one of the best, he knew he had to learn from the best. As an intern, Attorney Anthony Arzili was allowed to work with the UCLAprestigious Homicide Unit of the Orange County District Attorney’s office. He assisted the veterans of this “cream of the crop” unit in the prosecution of high profile murders.

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Arzili continued his mentorship with the L.A. District Attorney’s Office’s specialized Hard-Core Gang Unit. At the D.A.’s office Attorney Anthony Arzili assisted with the prosecution of numerous Murder trials and Death Penalty cases. Attorney Anthony Arzili received rave reviews from his mentors both at the O.C. District Attorney’s office and the L.A. District Attorneys’ office for his excellent work ethic and passion for everything that he tackled.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from his internships with the District Attorney’s Office of L.A and Orange County, Attorney Anthony Arzili was offered a position in the area of law that was his true passion, Criminal Defense.

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Arzili became an associate with one of the Premier and largest criminal defense law firms in California. Attorney Anthony Arzili quickly distinguished himself as the law firm’s best trial attorney. Attorney Anthony Arzili’s unrivaled preparation for his cases coupled with this “Bulldog” tenacity resulted in victory after victory.
Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Arzili also realizes that not all cases require a hard-nosed, “take no prisoners” approach. A huge part of being a great defense attorney is being able to resolve your client’s problems without a fight. Resolving your case in the best way possible comes down to knowing the District Attorney’s that are assigned to your case and the courtrooms where the action takes place. Attorney Anthony Arzili has developed excellent relationships with the decision makers in your court. These relationships and his reputation as a winner at trial produces results that other attorneys would only dream of.

From 2004-2011, Anthony A. Arzili had the privilege of serving as a Judge Pro-Tem for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  His experience as a Judge Pro-Tem provided him invaluable insight into a judge’s perspective of the legal proceedings. He was able to see how a judge weighs the credibility of the parties and levies the appropriate penalties.

Super LawyersIn 2011, Anthony Arzili was selected by Super Lawyers as a 2011 California Rising Star.  This is an honor that is bestowed upon the top 2.5% of California Attorneys. Super Lawyers continues to recognize Anthony A. Arzili’s dedication to being the best criminal defense attorney in Southern California. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Super Lawyers selected Anthony A. Arzili as a top 5% lawyer for Southern California Criminal Defense.

In 2016, Anthony A. Arzili was officially certified by the State Bar of California as a “Criminal Law Specialist.” This is a certification that has been earned by only 350 lawyers in all of California. The certification requires rigorous testing in the complex field of criminal defense. The State Bar also mandates that the applicants submit proof of extensive experience in all facets of criminal defense. Finally, those who are certified must pass a thorough background check by an Advisory Board of the State Bar.

Finally, what distinguishes Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili from other top criminal defense attorneys in California is something they do not teach in law school.   Anthony A. Arzili genuinely cares about every one of his clients.  He battles for each client as if he was representing a family member.

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